0.10.0 Released!

This release brings some major improvements to error reporting as well as preparation for forthcoming improvements.

And More!

StaticMatic 0.9.0

The biggest change is that all the "local" links generated (pages/stylesheets/images) are relative now that we know the current page. So the use_relative_path_for_* configuration settings were removed. This will cause your configuration.rb to blow up unless you remove them.

What's New

  • added StaticMatic::VERSION.requirements_met?
  • added LICENSE and CHANGELOG files
  • can now specify relative paths when only specifying a title - link("../other/How to download")
  • add src_dir/stylesheets directory to sass load path so you can use @import styles.sass
  • added sass_options hash to configuration so you can configure sass (ie: :style => :compact)
  • added configuration.use_extensions_for_page_links (defaults to true) when false will strip index.html and .html off the end of links for pretty urls
  • made all "local" links (pages/stylesheets/images) relative to the current page and removed use_relative_path_for_* configuration settings
  • stylesheets helper can now take a list of stylesheets to include and the order as well as options (ie: :media => :print)
  • added clean and clobber tasks to Rakefile
  • added StaticMatic::VERSION in version.rb
  • added package task to Rakefile and made it the default

What's Fixed

  • clear all instance variables in @scope except @staticmatic
  • no longer add \n after the tag in the tag helper
  • mailto: links were getting a / inserted in front of the mailto:

See what changed in 0.8.10