0.10.0 Released!

This release brings some major improvements to error reporting as well as preparation for forthcoming improvements.

And More!

StaticMatic 0.8.10

What's New

  • [NEW] rails-like partials. Partials can start with an underscore and live in the pages directory tree, old way still works (Brent Beardsley)
  • [NEW] added current_page helper for use in other helpers, layouts, or pages (Brent Beardsley)
  • [NEW] add src_dir, site_dir, and current_page attr_reader's on staticmatic class (Brent Beardsley)

What's Fixed

  • [FIX] img helper changes and tests (Jason Tennier)
  • [FIX] removed dependency on rails needing to be installed (Brent Beardsley)
  • [FIX] fixed preview bug where setting a layout in a page would cause it to be used even for pages that did not have a layout specified and should be using the default (Brent Beardsley)
  • [FIX] tag helper only outputs the attribute if it has a value (Brent Beardsley)
  • [FIX] renamed RakeFile to Rakefile so it'll work on non-windows boxes (Brent Beardsley)
  • [FIX] write tag helper attributes out in alphabetical order for consistency (Brent Beardsley)

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