0.9.0 Released!

Complete with:

  • "Local" generated links are relative - no more use_relative_path_for_* configuration settings
  • Ability to strip .html and index.html from link tag urls
  • configuration.sass_options
And More!

Helper Central

This is a place where nifty helpers not accepted into core can be found. Use them at your own risk. StaticMatic core developers are not responsible for these helpers or their results.

Helpers are listed in alphabetical order.

Name Description Author Download
Blueprint Css Easily include blueprint css framework files and plugins Brent Beardsley Download
Google Analytics Easily include google analytics javascript code using http or https Brent Beardsley Download
Menubar Easily create a menubar using an unordered list Brent Beardsley Download
Navigation Easily create breadcrumbs, sitemaps, and menus. Andrew Neil Download
Rss List Easily create an unordered list from an rss feed. Special helpers for delicious, flickr, ebay, magnolia, and twitter. Brent Beardsley Download